E.A.R.W.A.V.E.S Radio is a streaming internet radio station devoted to the recordings of a wide range of electronic, new music, avant garde, experimental, spoken word, electro-acoustic, computer, new jazz, and more from the classics-to-the-present. Listen in-above. 

E.A.R.W.A.V.E.S is produced by Dwight Loop. Please read history and background as well as contact information. 

E.A.R.W.A.V.E.S will be featuring live events, podcasts and more! Stay tuned! 
No Compromise! Series - Spring 2019 just completed!
If you missed any shows - here is who performed: 
March 23: Gary Barten (SFe)
March 30: Jeff Sussman (SFe)
Carlos Santistevan (SFe)
April 6: Mark Weaver's Dream Fleet (Alb)
April 14: Gamelan Encantada (Alb)
April 21: Love Unfold The Sun (SFe)
April 26: Rampant Egos (SFe-Alb)
April 27: Steve Jansen (Alb)
The Banter Experience (SFe)
May 4: Triplane (SFe-Las Vegas)
May 5: Thollem McDonas/Dave Wayne/Susan Atkins (SFe-NYC)
May 11: Ornetc. (SFe)
Amazing Lineup: stay tuned for summer/fall announcements @ The Paradiso Santa Fe, NM. 

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