No Compromise SERIES POSTER Friday 22nd.

No Compromise! 2019 Series in a spring and summer series of New Mexico's finest new and contemporary music at the Paradiso in Santa Fe, as well as "Other Music at City of Mud Gallery" in Santa Fe, late 2019. The Lineup was as follows. Please see photo under this menu item listings!

Musicians performing:

No Compromise! 2019 Series

Gary Barten

Gamelan Ensemble of Albuquerque

Carlos Santistevan

Jeff Sussmann

Love Unfold the Sun


Banter Experience

Rampant Egos

David Jansen

Dog Bone w/ Micah Hood & Jeffry Voorhees

Mark Weaver's Dream Fleet, Jay Baker, Tomy Foe

Kevin Zoernig, Joel Fadness, Justin Bransford - Triplane

City of Mud Gallery:

Dwight Loop

Justin Brierely (Banter Experience)

Love Unfold The Sun

2019 Fall/Winter Monthly Series Posters

Cellos Looping POSTER 2.jpeg
LUTS POSTER City of Mud.jpg
Glitchwave poster.jpg